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Archived AETC-NMC Webinars

To view archived versions of past webinar sessions, click on the links below:

Additional Webinars Developed and Hosted by Other Groups

  • Improving Access to HIV/AIDS Care in the Rural South: Alleviating Structural Barriers Using Telemedicine 
    Presented by the Southern AIDS Coalition in collaboration with the Alabama Department of Public Health
    Please visit the SAC YouTube channel and view an archived recording of the Webcast.  Additionally, materials presented on the screen during the Webcast are posted on the SAC website.   
  • The Gay and Lesbian Medical Association has developed Quality Healthcare for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender People. This cultural competence four-part webinar series explores the health concerns and healthcare of LGBT people and is open to anyone. It reviews the social determinants that influence how LGBT people seek and receive care and the impact those influences have on health. The series virtually follows the experience of LGBT people and those who care for them to better understand how to create healthcare environments that are welcoming and can help minimize the existing disparities experienced by this population. It delves into the clinical concerns specific to LGBT persons- both in terms of physical health and mental health- to improve understanding of how to create comprehensive systems of care that support positive outcomes and experiences for LGBT people and result in high quality healthcare.


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