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Case Studies:
American Indian/Alaska Native

Case studies cover the many cultural, socioeconomic and environmental factors that have impact on the cultually diverse American Indian/Alaska Native patient population.  These scenarios cover issues of appropriate response and more effective patient encounters.
The following are chosen from the AETC-NMC collection of case studies and focus on scenarios involving American Indians/Alaskan Natives:
Case Study 17

Kerry, a 32-year-old Native American woman from a small reservation in Montana presented to a large urban clinic in the Northwest for care. She was married at age 17 and had contracted HIV from prior IVDU. She has been unemployed for the past 10 years. Read more...

Case Study 25

Joe, a 35-year-old homeless Iroquois veteran, with no recent family contact and a history of alcohol abuse, receives care in a large urban clinic in the Pacific Northwest. Joe was diagnosed with HIV four years ago. Read more...

Case Study 36

Jenny, a 25 year old Native American male to female transgender person, wants to look into services that you provide. She has not legally changed her name so her documents display her given male name James. Read more...

Case Study 37

Mary, a 33 year old Native America male to female transgender person, wants to look into services that you provide. Mary has been diagnosed HIV positive for three years and has just begun a relationship with Robert who is HIV negative.. Read more...


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