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Case Studies:

Case studies of provider to patient encounters with adolescents cover health literacy, trust and other socio-ethnic barriers. Cases also cover intra-ethnic variations involving adolescents and the need to avoid stereotyping in one's approach to care and treatment. 
The following are chosen from the AETC-NMC collection of case studies and focus on scenarios involving adolescents:
Case Study 12

Carmen, a 17-year-old Latina, shows up at a clinic for a gynecological exam. Carmen has been sexually active for over a year, and because she does not use condoms consistently, she is afraid that she may have contracted HIV or another STI. Read more...

Case Study 18

Anna is an 18-year-old Hispanic student who was infected with HIV four years ago during a sexual encounter with a 30-year-old man. She entered care in a pediatric HIV clinic two years ago when her diagnosis was confirmed after testing was recommended by a neighbor who was also a curandera. Read more...

Case Study 21

John, an 18 year-old African American male, presents to his primary care physician for enlarged lymph nodes. He reports swelling in his throat for the past two weeks and believes he is experiencing some continuing effects from a “really bad” case of the flu he had two weeks ago. Read more...

Case Study 23

Sarah is a 17-year-old African American female who was diagnosed with HIV six months ago and is currently two months pregnant.  At this visit, Dr. Patel, who is of East Indian descent, wishes to discuss Sarah’s decision to give birth and when to start antiretroviral therapy (ART). Read more...

Case Study 26

Pedro is a 18-year-old Mexican youth. He is a seasonal worker who spends four months each year in the US working as a day laborer. He has a girlfriend and a 2 month old son in Mexico. He sends financial support to his family when he can. Read more...

Case Study 39

The Infectious Disease (ID) team is called to do a consult on the Pediatric floor for an 18 year old Latino male, Juan, who tested positive for HIV, 2 days after his 18th birthday. Juan was admitted to the hospital 3 days prior for a heroin overdose. Read more...



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