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Regional AETC Emerging Populations
Cultural Competency Training Needs Assessment

As the premier national resource for training, education, and technical assistance to clinicians, providers and organizations in multicultural HIV/AIDS care, part of the AETC-NMC’s mission is to inform the nation of the latest cultural competency needs in the field of HIV as well as be aware of their geographic correlation within the AETC Regions. By understanding the needs of clinicians within each region, the AETC-NMC is able to provide tailored and geographically focused HIV tools, resources and trainings to fulfill emerging trends in HIV within each region.

The AETC-NMC launched the ‘Regional AETC Cultural Competency and Emerging Populations Training Needs Assessment’ in May 2011 to gather information about the geographically specific cultural competency needs of each AETC region and determine how the NMC may best support those needs. A convenience sample was generated by sending each AETC Director an assessment via email, and asking him/her to distribute the tool to HIV clinicians in their region. Ten (90.1%) of the eleven AETC regions participated in the survey and included the following: Delta, Florida Caribbean, Midwest, Mountain Plains, New England, New York/New Jersey, Pacific, Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic, Southeast , and Texas/Oklahoma.

Overall, the results of this study indicate that HIV clinicians are in need of culturally competent resources to treat persons living with HIV/AIDS in multiple AETC regions. Specifically, providers demonstrated a distinct need for additional resources to treat the Asian, Migrant and Immigrant populations. By understanding the identified needs, the AETC-NMC will conduct additional research and continue to develop specialized tools to improve clinician’s ability to provide culturally competent clinical care to persons living with HIV/AIDS in each AETC region.

To date, data from the Delta Region AETC, the Mountain Plains AETC, the New York/New Jersey AETC, and the Southeast AETC have been compiled into an accessible format from the map below.

Please click on the map below for a detailed summary of each Region’s results.

AETC Region Map Southeast Delta Mountain Plains


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