Assessment Questions

  1. Which of the following activities contributes to transmission of HIV in correctional facilities?
    1. A. Tattooing
    2. B. Alcohol use
    3. C. Unsafe sexual activity
    4. D. A and B
    6. E. A and C
  2. In which of the following states do minority populations comprise a majority of the state’s total population?
    1. A. Nevada
    2. B. California
    3. C. Maine
    4. D. Hawaii
    5. E. B and D
    6. F. None of the above
  3. Is the following statement True or False?
    The impact of disability due to mental illness is greater than that due to cardiovascular disease.
    1. True
    2. False
  4. Which of the following is NOT among the cultural taboos of African American communities?

    1. A. Discussion of gay issues
    2. B. Discussion of religion
    3. C. Discussion of injection drug use
    4. D. Mental illness

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