Welcome to the National Multicultural Center’s curriculum on “Culturally Competent Care for Substance Users Diagnosed with HIV Disease.” This is one in a series of curricula  covering a wide range of topics concerning the provision of culturally competent healthcare services to all individuals belonging to a diversity of ethnic, racial, and cultural groups.

The “Culturally Competent Care for Substance Users Diagnosed With HIV Disease” curriculum contains 4 modules, designed to increase readers’ understanding of the interconnected issues involved in the healthcare management of substance users who have also received a diagnosis of HIV disease, frequently including other comorbid conditions. Before reading each module, you will be offered a short pre-training assessment to give a baseline view of your knowledge of the topics covered in that module. Then, at the end of the module, you will be able to take a post-training assessment to determine whether you have achieved the module’s learning objectives.

The modules are:

  • Overlapping Epidemics
  • Cultural Competence Issues Related to Specific Populations of Users
  • Look Before You Leap: Background Issues to Designing Treatment Plans
  • Pulling It All Together: Integrated, Comprehensive Approach

Learning Objectives of the Overall Curriculum

  • Describe the extent of substance use in the US population who are HIV-infected
  • Discuss the most commonly abused substances among individuals who are HIV infected
  • Discuss the HIV transmission risks involved in various types of substance use
  • Identify common comorbid conditions found in persons who are both substance users and HIV infected
  • Identify the cultural competence issues in specific populations affected by HIV disease
  • Discuss the antiretroviral adherence concerns among  individuals of various cultures with a history of substance use and HIV disease
  • Describe the key cultural competence elements of integrating treatment of HIV disease and substance use
  • Identify culture-specific strategies aimed at improving health outcomes among HIV-positive individuals with a history of substance abuse

You can also view the archived Webinar and slides that supplement this curriculum.




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