AETC-NMC Online Curricula Series

Training ParticipantsWelcome to the AETC-NMC's new series of curricula! This series is designed to enhance your skills and knowledge around how to implement effective cultural and linguistic competence in working with persons dealing with HIV/AIDS.

Access our curricula below or through the navigation at the left. At the beginning and end of each module, you will be asked a short series of questions for you to self-assess your knowledge, attitude, and skills in using the information presented.


  1. Understanding and Implementing the CLAS Standards
  2. Triple Whammy—HIV, Mental Disorders, African Americans
  3. Promoting HIV Testing in Diverse Populations
  4. Issues of Ethnopharmacology in HIV Management
  5. Culturally Competent Care for Substance Users Diagnosed with HIV Disease



The contents of this curriculum are intended to provide practical culturally appropriate clinical information for use by a variety of HIV health care practitioners serving diverse patient populations diagnosed with HIV disease. Information included in this site has undergone review to ensure accuracy. However, since standards in the field change rapidly, some information may be dated. Therefore, practitioners should consult a variety of resources, including some of those mentioned here, when making decisions regarding the treatment of individual patients.

Information included in this site is not intended to replace health care guidance offered by a physician or other health professional. The AETC-NMC at Howard University’s website contains links to other independently run websites outside the domain. The AETC-NMC at Howard University is not responsible for the privacy practices, activities, or content of such independent sites.


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