Assessment Questions

  1. Culturally competent healthcare services include all but which of the following:

    1. A. Investment in efforts to overcome cultural, language, and communications barriers
    2. B. Instructing patients that traditional healing systems and beliefs are not relevant to modern medicine
    3. C. Involving members of communities being served in assessing the effectiveness of communication and care
    4. D. Encouraging patients to express their spiritual beliefs and cultural practices
  2. Which of the following approaches are suitable to retaining staff members with culturally competence skills?

    1. A. Assigning employees with specific language skills only tasks that are clearly within their defined job responsibilities
    2. B. Requiring nonclinical support staff to act as cultural brokers
    3. C. Promoting diverse staff members into managerial positions that utilize their particular skill sets
    4. D. All of the above
    5. E. A and C
  3. Is the following statement True or False?
    Only physicians and nurses need to receive training in CLAS standards.
    1. True
    2. False
  4. Which of the following types of individuals should provide CLAS trainings?

    1. A. Executive and management staff
    2. B. Pharmacists
    3. C. Staff members at affiliated provider organizations
    4. D. Patient intake personnel
    5. E. C and A
    6. F. All of the above

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